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Discover: New Music From Hayley Kiyoko - "Sleepover"

Former Disney star turned synthpop artist Hayley Kiyoko released a new single that is sure to make your heart ache - especially if you've ever experienced unrequited love.

The single, titled "Sleepover," dropped on Kiyoko's official YouTube account March 2. Along with the song premiered a music video, which is as groundbreaking as it is aesthetically pleasing. Kiyoko, who has spoken openly about her attraction to girls, has often included LGBT representation in her videos, such as the ones for singles "Girls Like Girls" and "Cliff's Edge." The video for "Sleepover" is no different.

Kiyoko said in a personal statement on her official tumblr account, "I’ve never truly believed that sexuality defines who you are. I do believe, though, that sexuality helps shape and build who you become. How you act, what you pursue, who you surround yourself with. This music video for 'Sleepover' is not a concept or an idea for me. It is my life. It defines a part of who I am today. I grew up a dreamer and found comfort through a safe haven in my head. It’s where I was able to find self-love and feel validated. This music video validates those feelings for me, even if in those moments the girl I fell for was unavailable. I made this video to help validate those fantasies. To create a space for the lovers, dreamers and seekers. Falling in love can be a bittersweet feeling, especially if you know it’ll never be reciprocated."

These are definitely sentiments that come through in the video, and we salute Kiyoko for her openness.

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