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Okeechobee Music Festival Survival Guide

Greetings Okeechobeings! If you are reading this, chances are you are getting ready for next weekend. Incase you aren't, Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival is a massive event celebrating the start of spring with a great music lineup, art installations, yoga and meditation events, great food choices, and even a sandy beach. The second edition of the festival is returning soon,Thursday, March 2nd through Sunday, March 5th at Okeechobee, Florida’s beautiful Sunshine Grove, located on over 600 acres of pristine grasslands, clear lakes, and exotic tropical woodlands. With all of that pristine woodland comes bugs, as Okeechobee is in the middle of swampy HOT Florida. Without further, here is your Okeechobee Music Festival Survival Guide, with everything you need and more to make your time at the festival fantastic and unforgettable.

Getting There:
Full Tank Of Gas
Be sure to fill up your tank before getting in line for the festival grounds. You never know how long it will take to get to your campsite, and to exit on Monday morning and you definitely don't want to run out of gas.

Wait To Party
Common sense, but just in case. Your excitement is going to be full force on the way to and while in line to enter the festival, but it is best to wait to save the party for once you arrive. You don't want to get a ticket or go to jail. 

You'll be tired of reading this, but drink PLENTY of water. 

At The Festival:
Be sure to make friends with your neighbors at the festival, you can help look out for one another's things, plus, one of the best parts of music festivals is befriending your neighbors. 

Wait To Drink
Saving the drinking for after the sun goes down is a good way to make sure you are able to make it into the late night hours, and also to stay more safe from dehydration and over-heating, though, it can happen anytime so drink plenty of water and know your limits. 

The festival has a copious amount of food options available if you want to pack light, but it can get expensive so bring plenty to spend. 

Take It Easy
Try to plan times to rest and relax in the shade during your day, so you have plenty of energy saved up for dancing the night away. If not, you'll be feeling it on Sunday for sure. 

Look Out For One Another
If you see something, say something. If someone looks like they need water, or are in need of medical assistance, ask them if they are okay, or need help. If they do, get security or festival staff. They will not get in trouble nor will you, and it's best to play it safe. 

What To Bring:
You are probably going to be drinking, and it's hot in the Florida sun. Make sure to drink plenty of water and remind your friends and other festival goers to do the same. You don't want to end up dehydrated and in the medical tent, missing most of the festival.

In Florida, sometimes the sun can be a bit much, especially if you are coming from a winter environment. The last thing you want is to be severely sunburnt at a music festival. It's uncomfortable and can even be dangerous. Make sure to bring your sunscreen. 

Bug Spray
Even though it's not even spring yet, Okeechobee is in the middle of swampy south Florida, so you could be dealing with mosquitos, ticks, and several other creepy crawlers. Bringing along some bug spray isn't a bad idea.

Sunglasses and a Hat
Bring along some sunglasses and a hat to protect your eyes and face from the UV Rays of that famous Florida Sunshine! You'll be glad you did.

There is nothing worse than getting in the port-a-pottie and it being out of toilet paper. And then afterwards, you find out the hand sanitizer is empty. GROSS. It's always a good idea to bring along some toiletries, like extra toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and of course your toothbrush, toothpaste, and etc.

A flashlight is always handy when walking in the festival after dark, and for going in to the port-a-potties.
Several Changes Of Shoes
You'll not know if those cute shoes you just bought are comfortable until you wear them, and if they aren't, you'll be happy you brought more. Plus it could rain and your shoes get wet and muddy. It's always good to have extra pairs on hand.

Clothing for Cooler Weather
Even though it's Florida, it does get cool at night. Make sure to bring along some pants and jackets just in case.

Rain Gear
It's not rainy season yet, but there is always a chance of rain in Florida and you don't want to be caught off guard and get soaked in the rain. Bring a poncho and pack some boots just to be safe.

Baby Powder
If this is your first festival, you'll be thanking me later for suggesting this.

Cell Phone Battery Pack
Charge it over night in your car while you sleep. This should keep your phone going all day, not that you really need your phone, but you know you want to take some pictures.

Snacks For Energy
Bring along some lite snacks, protein bars, energy bars, etc. To help keep you going throughout the day. It's also good to pack some extra food if you want to save money, but the festival does have a great food vendor lineup as well.

Camping Essentials
Tent/Blankets/Pillows/Tarp/Easy Up Canopy/Stakes/Rope
I know it's a no brainer, but don't forget your camping essentials!

Your Wristband
Another no brainer, but don't forget it! And if you don't have tickets you cans till buy them if you click here.

Good Vibes
Okeechobee Music Festival kicks off the festival season! It's exciting. Make sure to look out for your friends and fellow festival goers. Do an act of random kindness. Make a new friend. Compliment someone for their cute festival outfit. Hug a stranger. Dance your ass off to Bassnectar with your neighbor. Scream at the top of your lungs to your favorite Usher jams. Have a great time!

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