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Streets of Laredo Releases Single Video for "99.9%"

Photo Credit: Jessie Sara English

New Zealand native and Brooklyn residing band, Streets of Laredo, creates in their own way the tried and true indie sound that only comes from boroughs of New York and Brooklyn. Their newest single, "99.9%", is upbeat, happy, and helps the listener pause the busy world around them and create an optimistic vantage point that only Indie Rock can deliver. In a sound similar to Neutral Milk Hotel; with light, happy overtones of horns, peppy guitar and percussion, and the folk tones to boot, Streets of Laredo, to this listener, is a refreshing take on the cliché sound that is currently Indie Rock. Staying true to the indie artist's process David Gibson describes the creation of the single in an interview with Noisey magazine: "Most of these lyrics were written on a napkin at a bar in the East Village, in possibly the most stereotypical & clichéd way one could imagine -- a depressed songwriter finishes his shit day job, goes to Black & White by himself, gets drunk, and writes lyrics on a napkin. There was also a poet, and he was yelling." Streets of Laredo's sophomore album entitled Wild is expected for release on October 6th, you can watch their new video for "99.9%" here or scroll down, you can read the rest of the Noisey interview here.

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