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Watch: Yoko Ono releases "Catman" video directed by Rose McGowan

Avant garde artist/musician Yoko Ono has released a video for the Miike Snow remix of her 1973 song "Catman." The song originally appeared on Ono's 1973 album Approximately Infinite Universe whilst the remix is taken from Ono's 2016 remix album Yes, I'm A Witch Too. Yes, I'm A Witch Too continues the formula of Ono's successful 2005 release Yes, I'm A Witch, which saw previously released Ono material being remixed and reworked by popular underground artists of today.

Courtesy: Manimal Group, LLC. All rights Reserved

The retro inspired video does not feature Ono, rather a cat faced young woman dancing around a school room with mature women splashed in colored mood lighting. The video was directed by Hollywood actress Rose McGowan, most prominently known for her roles in the movie Jawbreaker and television show Charmed.

Discussing the inspiration for the video, McGowan stated,"Yoko Ono has been an ardent supporter of women and modern dance for years. Casting women dancers over 60, including one with cancer, was my way of showing that vitality doesn't die with age. I used color overlays to create my own visual beat." Ono's world and vision is "an important one," she said.

Courtesy: Manimal Group, LLC

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