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Live Review: ODESZA

ODESZA always comes to impress, and this icy November night was no different. Tickets went so fast they added a second show, preceding their 11:30 show. Filling Aragon Ballroom to full capacity, Chicago couldn't get enough of this electronic duo. Jai Wolf opened and got the energy flowing with remixes of some of the crowd's current favorites such as "Hotline Bling" and set the mood to GO CRAZY. If they hadn't come in a group, within the hour, new friends were made, dance partners (whichever way you want to look at that) were established, and fun was to be had. 

Aragon Ballroom's interior design is worth the ticket price alone. Designed similarly to Spanish villages, the beautiful arches and balcony area provides a mystical ambiance unavailable anywhere else. The ceiling resembles a galaxy and people at all points during the show were seen looking up. This was my first time here, and I made sure to not look any pictures up beforehand so the shock of its originality could all be part of the experience. The wrap around balcony area was equipped with a bar and offered seating to those looking to not stand the entire night. With a bird's-eye view of the party, the whole floor could be taken in, almost as entertaining as the DJs themselves. 

After a bit of a delay, which I'm sure to some concert goers was a blessing in disguise due to the outrageously long line outside the venue to enter, ODESZA took the stage and dove right in. The light show was nothing short of spectacular and added to their already stimulating jams. I struggled during most of the show to keep my phone down and not fixed on the always changing spotlights and also the screens behind the artists. It was constantly transforming the space from a psychedelic alternate universe to outer space. ODESZA perfectly transitioned between songs mixing extending versions of our favorite tracks. Excitement filled the ballroom and there wasn't a person standing still. 

Lots of love was shown during their performance from their followers. The intense bass and constant flow of songs had everyone entranced. 

What's a concert finale without some confetti?  

Attempting to leave the venue was almost another show in itself. It took over forty-five minutes to leave and every minute of that was filled with either getting asked if you'd like a drink, conversing about how long it was taking to get out or even making awkward eye contact in the middle of conversation with a stranger and then feeling the need to include me in said conversation. Every show brings new experiences, new temporary friends, and bonding with the friends you experienced the concert with. 

If you're sad that the show has come and gone, didn't get a chance to get tickets to either of these sold out shows, or if you weren't aware of ODESZA's existence, take a listen to a few of their songs and appease your sorrows. Music is always the best medicine. 

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