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St. Lucia "Dancing On Glass" and North American Tour

Courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/stlucia/

Today happens to be a huge day for us St. Lucia fans and in general. After a week full of teasers revealing which characters each band member would play and their respective "addictions" they are being treated, their official music video for "Dancing On Glass" dropped at last. It shows the band at their goofiest and you can tell they had the time of their lives creating this. 

That's not all! Finally announced are both the dates for their North American Tour and the title of their upcoming album: Matter. 

Two whole years ago this month was the last time they graced us with an official video for their hit "Elevate." As the first single off the new album, "Dancing On Glass" is exactly what we needed to satisfy our St. Lucia withdrawals. Containing dance inducing beats and a chorus you find yourself belting after just one listen, prepare to obsess over this tune and counting down till the new album's January release date

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