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I'll Remember This (For): Years & Years

My first time ever at the venue of Park West blew my mind. Immediately upon entering I felt sophisticated and energized glancing around the private tables and booths, seeing swanky adults (or really just people my own age, but who somehow look more mature and experienced) sipping on their overpriced drinks.  Arriving just in time to catch Tei Shi's opening, I was taken away by her voice and wasn't able to focus on much else. She is almost other-worldly, and her essence filled up the entire room. Her tiny frame took over the stage, and her dance moves matched the fluidity of the music that is successfully added to my iTunes. 

After a short intermission, what we had all been waiting for and looked forward to for weeks happened. Years & Years took the stage and conquered it. The crowd went wild and my eardrums felt the high-pitched screams belonging to both the males and females shaking around me. Their setlist had everyone dancing and singing along and the crowd was phenomenal. For their first time ever performing in Chicago, I would say it was a huge success. 

The lead singer of Years & Years, Olly Alexander, stole everyone's hearts (or at least the ones he didn't already possess) that night. He danced around the stage until he breathless, and even at times stopped and just simply listened to the audience sing along in amazement, and donned the goofiest grin for most of the show. 

The variation in the lights was incredibly impressive. Although the visuals made it difficult to take a decent picture, their performance was made into an art. With pinks, purples, blues, oranges, and greens flashing across the stage, it was hard to look away. Along with their music I've had on repeat for months, it was more than just a concert, it was an experience.

Years & Years surprised us with a cover of Breathe by Blue Cantrell and brought lead singer of Tei Shi on stage. It was adorable the way they jammed with each other and the pure look of happiness on both of their faces made it apparent that they were there to have fun. 


Put Tei Shi on your artists to watch list. Here's one of my favorites by her: 

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