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Mamby On The Beach: The After Movie

Mamby on the Beach took off this past summer during an unforgivable weekend in July for the first time.  With about 25,000 people in attendance, Mamby took Chicago by storm and brought danceable bands, DJs, and producers to the beach for an exotic getaway. 

Take a look and relive your crazy experiences. The video features tracks by Cashmere Cat and Passion Pit while giving an overhead view of not only the festival but Chicago. Even though it happened a few months ago, watching this helped bring back memories of seeing some of my favorite artists, taking in the crazy fun vibes, and squishing my toes in the sand while dancing the day away and I hope it does the same for you! 

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Here's what some of the artists had to say about Mamby:

“It's so rare to have a festival like this in a major city. Sure there are beach festivals in exotic locales and vacation destinations, but rarely like this, and even more rarely are they this well-run.”  – Moon Boots

“Mamby was a surreal and beautiful experience, especially for someone who grew up here. The vibe and energy was natural and pure, it felt like I was coming home to family more than a festival.”  – Felix Da Housecat

“It was an honor to play the first ever Mamby. All this positive energy, the beach, the water and the Chicago skyline in the background surely made it something else.”  – Claptone

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