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Discover: "Seventeen" By Wolvereen

Olivia Eigel, the leading lady of Wolvereen, is currently based in Brooklyn but has an incredibly interesting background. Starting at the surprisingly young age of 11 writing music, by age 13 she was recording, releasing, and performing her music with her best friends. Originally called Purple Apple, the girls not only played Lollapalooza but they are also the youngest act to play ever play at Chicago's venue Metro.

Similar to Haim and Blondie, Wolvereen has a fun vibe. Especially while listening to their new song "Seventeen," their sound is the very embodiment of being young again and gives you a bit of a flashback with their sweet lyrics. Olivia Eigel announced recently on Wolvereen's Facebook that although she had a great run with the members that were originally in Purple Apple, due to her move from Chicago to Brooklyn, Wolvereen is now her and three other "rockin guys from the NYC area." 

Announcing that they are going to try and hit the ground running, Wolvereen should definitely be on your radar as their self-released first single, "Seventeen" and with an LP and string of East Coast dates to follow in the fall. 

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