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Discover: Purple Heart Parade's Dream-Rock Vibes

Photo Credited to Purple Heart Parade Official FaceBook

As a fan of nineties rock - particularly early shoegaze and dreampop bands - anything influenced by or derivative of such has an instant appeal to me. I recently heard of the UK band Purple Heart Parade and immediately fell in love with their sound. The band has released singles and snippets of material over the past two years and will hopefully be putting out a full-length album soon amid constant touring and supporting bands such as Luna, Swervedriver, and The Telescopes, to name a few. 

This is definitely a band to keep on your radar. Their first single, "The Room," contains the cosmic force similar to that of early Verve sounds; a swirling blend of shoegaze and psychedelia akin to any outtake from A Storm In Heaven.

"Painting Pictures" is yet another awesome song full of pounding drums, an ocean of reverb, and a nod to other early 90s influences. Listen below and let us know what you think!

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