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Album Release and Exclusive Interview with Sirens and Sailors

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After playing for their second consecutive year on Vans Warped Tour, Sirens and Sailors has finally released their brand new album, Rising Moon: Setting Sun. S&S has taken off since the release of their last album, Skeletons, which was released in 2013.  In the past two years, they've toured with a lot of big names in metal, including Beartooth, Vanna, and Archetype. We talked with the band about the new album, their experience on Warped Tour, and their crazy cool logo. 

UTT: You guys are considered "metalcore," but that's very vague in terms of genre; how would you really describe your sound?  

SaS: We try our best not to get into the genre/sub genre arguments.  People can decide for themselves what they feel like we sound like, everyone has a different opinion, and different tastes.  If we were to describe our sound it would be aggressive, passionate, and intense.

Your new album, Rising Moon, Setting Sun, is spectacular! Where did the name come from?

RISING MOON:SETTING SUN was the idea of our vocalist Kyle.  He wrote the lyrics to the title track and thought that it would be a great album name as well.  All of the artwork ideas etc. pretty much came to him once he completed that song lyrically.  Essentially, the meaning behind the title has a couple of meanings.  Think of it like a ying yang, the moon being the darkness in the light, and the sun being the light in the darkness.  The Sun and the Moon being things larger than life, it is also meant to give the listener the idea of that no matter how small we may be, we are capable of whatever we put our minds to.

"Chorus of the Dead" (the first single off the new album) is heavier than some of your previous stuff--should we expect that from the full album?

That heavy, aggressive sound has always been something that we have touched base on, but definitely more so this album than the previous albums.  We really wanted to write this album to translate live, to have that intense/in your face feel.  We love having that crowd interaction during our live shows, so this album is definitely going to encourage that.

What would people be surprised to know about Warped Tour?

Much like any touring, it's not a constant party and relaxing lifestyle.  It's a lot of work and it's grueling, especially on Warped Tour.  At the end of the day, all of the work is worth it though.

When you're not playing, signing, or doing interviews, what do you do while on WT?

A lot of the time we are trying to catch up on rest we may have not gotten the night before. On this Warped Tour run, we are driving ourselves, so sleep is few and far between.  Other than that, we do our best to go catch other bands sets, and hang out with friends.

Do you plan on headlining a tour with the new album?  

Eventually, it's a possibility.  We will be touring regardless if it's a headliner or not for sure.  Got to get this new music in everyone's hands!

Super minor, but the ampersand anchor! Such a cool logo! Who designed that?

Our good friend and designer Alex came up with our logo.  When he showed that to us, it just made so much sense.  We couldn't believe we didn't think of it before.  Ever since he made that, he has been our go to guy for most of everything merch design wise.

What sets you apart from other bands of your genre?

We pride ourselves on our musicianship and ability to play a high energy live show.  We don't spend a lot of time comparing ourselves to others, but rather just focusing on what makes us, us.

Cop Sirens and Sailors' new album Rising Moon: Setting Sun on iTunes now!  

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