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Top 10 Must-See Acts at Summerset Music Festival

A few weeks from now, the weekend of August 14th, artists from every coast will converge in the scenic little Wisconsin town, Somerset, for Summerset Music Festival. The lineup is insane, and for that reason, potentially overwhelming. With a whole new stage added this year, decisions just got that much harder. Who are the absolute unmissables? Let us help you out!

10. Earl Sweatshirt
I beg of you, do not sleep on Earl Sweatshirt.  His music is a reminder that rap and hip hop all starts in poetry and storytelling. Lyrics in tracks like "Sunday ft. Frank Ocean" weave together compelling storylines, echoing refrains and keeping pace with classic hip hop beats. Plus, he's got some dope, spooky music videos.

9. Brillz
Make sure to round out your Summerset experience with some true, wholesome EDM. Brillz has big, trappy beats and I'm sure he'll put on a fantastic show. The exciting part is there's no way to say what he'll end up playing - his soundcloud is proliferous with remixes and collaborations. Fingers crossed for the KP "Roar" remix.

8. Haywyre
Haywyre has a more industrial, glitchy sound than I'm usually into, but he executes it the best in the game. His music is really unique in that it all stems from improvised piano lines. He is classically trained in piano and incorporates his classical and jazz knowledge into all of his production. You can really hear it in tracks like "Prototype," which has mad piano licks running all over the place.

7. Giraffage
Giraffage's low-fi, dreampop style keeps things energized yet laidback - an important set to work into the balance of a three day long festival, everyone! I absolutely love his remix of Mapei's "Don't Wait" (better than the original, actually, shh...). His strong relationship with Porter Robinson speaks highly, definitely not someone you'll want to say you passed by.

6. Saba
A rapper and producer from the West side of Chicago, Saba is a major up-and-comer with serious bars. He's also an alum of Young Chicago Authors, a non-profit organization at the heart of Chicago's young writing talent. Peep tracks like "Butter" and "Westside Bound" to get a sense of his self-described "sexy space synth" sound and his high energy flow.

5. The Weeknd
If you haven't heard "Earned It" or "Can't Feel My Face," I honestly can't imagine where you've been, but I cannot wait to feel my bones vibrate with the bass drops in "The Hills". The Weeknd's music is so smooth and so sexy, but it has some serious grit to it, too -- my very most highly anticipated headliner.

4. Shiba San
One of the Dirtybirds -- a label of producers who all consistently kill it -- Shiba San is the master of "ghetto funk." His tracks are irresistibly dance-y, extra heavy on the bass, and dirtygrimynastygreat. "I Like Your Booty" is an all-time favorite pre-game jam of mine.

3. Purity Ring
Purity Ring dutifully served as my first introduction into Witch House, which sometimes was almost too spooky for me, but everything on their new album, Another Eternity, strikes a perfect balance between haunting and uplifting. The on-edge sense of beauty infused into each track recalls the feeling of watching Howl's Moving Castle for the first time in middle school. So new, so different, so strange, so intensely gorgeous.

2. Odesza
Yesss. This duo makes the most absolutely beautiful EDM. They have such a flowing, ethereal, natural sound that could only come from the Pacific Northwest. Their track "Bloom" (named the #1 song of 2014 by music blogger Mackenzie Stith) really gives a good sense of their sound, but great new tracks like "All We Need" were also treated to remixes from superstar producers like Giraffage (listed above) and Autograf.

1. Keys n Krates
I was first turned on to them with their "ALL THE TIME (TOVE LO FLIP)" remix of Habits, but I stayed for all of the super fun big, bouncy beats, like in "DUM DEE DUM". They play around with house-trap-hip hop sounds, but above all keep it hyped. Yet another artist repping the crazy-fun stuff coming out of Toronto.

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