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Marshall Announces New Smartphone Design

Photo courtesy of instagram.com/marshallamps_uk

This morning, guitar amp manufacturing juggernaut Marshall announced their plan to release a brand new smartphone, geared specifically toward music enthusiasts and audiophiles. Set for release in mid-August, the Marshall London boasts a number of exciting features that set it apart from other phones of its tier, not the least of which being its unique design, complete with the Marshall logo on the back, just under the camera.

The phone promises to be a great tool for casual listeners and audiophiles alike, with two front-facing speakers for increased volume, a scroll wheel on the side of the phone for quick access and greater volume control, and two separate headphone output jacks.

Sound quality is also a very important feature of the new Android device's design. The phone comes with a separate processor dedicated entirely to audio processing for higher resolution playback (for the audiophiles out there, it also is compatible with uncompressed file formats like FLAC). 

The London will also be a powerful tool for musicians, coming with two stereo microphones, pre-loaded with Loopstack, Android's own multi-channel recording software, and low-latency audio processing.

For more details, check the London here on the Marshall website.

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