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Interview with Rykka and Exclusive Look At New Song "Movies"

We are currently in love with this Vancouver, Canada based artist Rykka. Incorporating electronic bits and her full, grasping voice draws the listener into her world. Those who enjoy artists such as Tove Lo and Foxes are sure to become a huge fan of this talented artist.

After a recent collaboration with Zomboy and gaining over a million listeners, Rykka went to work and thankfully gave us this gem of a song. Watch the stunning video and have your breath taken away from the beautiful sights captured INSIDE A GLACIER! You can't get cooler than that. (Get it. Punny.) Check out our exclusive interview with the singer herself below to see how she got started in music and what it was like working in the aforementioned glacier.

Where do you get your inspiration from for your music?

This new music is really inspired by music that I grew up with. My parents were always blasting classic rock, and the first concert I ever attended was the Spice Girls at GM place in Vancouver.

What was it like shooting a video inside a glacier and the process of making the music video?

Shooting inside a glacier was COLD. Definitely the most challenging situation I've ever been in for a media shoot (versus underwater, desert, in a kids pool filled with milk powder in a garage in December, haha! [for a side project called Goldschatz] ) We started filming in the early morning so it was still dark, and we weren't able to scout out the glacier beforehand.

It was very wet and very dark in the morning. After a few hours in there, we took a short lunch break to plan and regroup, then came back strong in the afternoon. The small team was amazing and we all loved the challenge. It was unforgettable and I'm so happy with what we've accomplished together. The Rhône Glacier is a man made cave 2000 meters up in Switzerland. Truly amazing.

What can we expect from you next? (Working on an album or tour?)

I'm working on both!  I have recorded 7 songs for the album already and plan to start touring again as soon as possible with big plans for festivals next summer!

How did you get started with music?

My brother started on a sweet fender bass he inherited, then I started guitar with the same teacher. I couldn't let him be more badass than his older sister. My family has always been more than supportive with music so everything just fell into place. When I started out, I played a lot of community festivals around my city with my sister on backup vocals.

What is one fun/crazy fact about yourself? 

I love to design my stage and video outfit/costumes and dream to do fashion collaborations in the near future.

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