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Foals New Video For "Mountain At My Gates"

As the release date of Foal's album What Went Down on August 28th approaches, they have given us yet another great song to get everyone hyped up. A hit to compete with their first single "What Went Down", "Mountain At My Gates" doesn't disappoint and will be one of your newest favorites by them. 

Not only is the song magnificent, one to bob your head to, and appreciate the groove and move of it, (especially the crazed ended), the video is ground-breaking. 

When I saw "Go Pro Spherical" tacked onto the end of the title, all I thought to myself is, "Wow, that's kind of weird to point out what type of camera they used. Who really cares?" That was until I actually processed the words and saw the toggle feature. Directed by Nabil who is best known for his work with Kanye West, Arctic Monkeys, Frank Ocean and Alt-J it's extremely unique. Using GoPro's spherical Virtual Reality technology for the first time in a music video production, multiple perspectives give the viewer the chance to choose what they view. Try it out yourself and enjoy Foals newest tune. 


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