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Discover: Matt Pond PA "Take Me With You"

Matt Pond PA is back with their TENTH studio album! The band amazingly funded their new album, The State of Gold, entirely from a crowd-sourced Pledge campaign that ended up raising significantly more money than expected! Originally from Philadelphia (hence the PA tacked onto the end of their name), but now based in New York, Matt Pond PA have gained quite a cult following and their music has been featured on well-known outlets such as The OC and even in Starbucks commercials. 
Matt Pond PA songs have a way of reminding the listener to notice the beauty in the things often overlooked, which serves as a kind of metaphor for the band itself.
One of the tracks off the new record, "Take Me With You," is a great addition for your 4th of July playlist! It represents the little wild things of life and watching makes you yearn for a summer adventure that’s full of surprises. The fun vocals and relatable meaning will have you bobbing and singing along within seconds.

Download their newest album off iTunes today!

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