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Corona's Electric Beach returns to Chicago with TWRK

After a great kickoff last month, Corona's Electric Beach will return to ROOF at theWit hotel downtown for another marathon party, this time featuring TWRK. 

TWRK is an NYC trap duo, the partnership of Benzi and Esentrik. They have been featured on Diplo & Friends and recently released an EP with Mad Decent, including the hilarious yet bangin' “Spring Break.” They have been doing their thing 'before Miley made it cool,' and even if you don't realize, you have probably heard their breakout tracks, like "BaDINGA!" TWRK's stuff is high energy, off-kilter, in your face and promises to be a great set.

Chicago has been blistering this weekend, but it's always cool at the Beach. The party rages on from 2-8 pm and entry is free, 21+. Come #FindYourElectricBeach and enjoy the beautiful view (and AC) at ROOF.

1 comment:

  1. Great show. Great people. Great drugz.

    Way to be on point UP2TEMPO


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