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Corona's Electric Beach Digs Its Toes In

The partnership between Corona and theWit is giving new life to the term Sunday Funday. This past Sunday, July 19th, was the second Electric Beach event in Chicago and the popularity has already grown remarkably in comparison to the premiere event. There were so many more people there – a lot who had just shown up on a whim without VIP reservations or any connects. The dancefloor was comfortably crowded and spilled down the aisles between tables, energy was really up and even the patio was buzzing.
The featured artist this month was TWRK, an NYC Trap duo you may otherwise know as Benzi and Esentrik. They have been featured on Diplo & Friends and recently released an EP with Mad Decent after growing popularity from breakout tracks like “BaDINGA!” and “Helicopter.” Known for their bangers, it is underappreciated that TWRK's music is also educational, redeeming a genre for those who have seen too many twerking vines with bootys that could indeed use some explaining (original joke by Managing Editor Becca Grischow). TWRK's set was hyped up, keeping the good times rolling through sunset. 
“[TWRK] killed it,” said Mark Langhamer, who was in attendance. “You could tell everyone was feeding off the energy [they] were throwing down.”
To get things started, Chicago local DJ Sinclair Wheeler began the afternoon with another marathon three-hour set. We didn't get to see as much signature electric guitar shredding, but only because people were happily dancing all down the center table. Sinclair Wheeler was followed by DJ DOLO, another Chicago-based musician who identifies as “open format.” We mostly saw his ability to maintain a fun, energetic set. I can be very black and white with love for Top 40's songs, so I'm always especially pleased when DJs seem to say HELL YEAH to the same hits as I. It was joyful to hear Bad Blood and Trap Queen, yet absolutely no Bruno Mars. But, if I have one piece of advice, or one plea to make, for artists playing Electric Beach in the future, it is please, please stop playing tracks from the Jack Ü album. I truly believe I heard “To Ü” in three separate instances. Also, the Jack Ü “Midwest Debut” at Spring Awakening was the biggest disappointment of my #Summer2k15. That is all.
The Beach will be back in Chicago on August 16th with House artist AN21, hailing all the way from Stockholm, Sweden. If you have not yet made it out to a ROOF Sunday at theWit, make sure you clear your schedule for one more party. The space is beautiful, the beats are big, and Coronas go down real smooth in Chicago's summer sun.

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