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5 Reasons to go VIP at Mamby on the Beach this weekend

For many music lovers, this summer's festival budget may already be starting to stretch the wallet, but if you've got some money left in the summer splash fund, the perks of going VIP this weekend at Mamby on the Beach are pretty tempting. Go on, treat yourself, you know you deserve it.

5. Shaded Lounge/Air-Conditioned Bathroom
It's gonna be in the upper 80's this weekend, and port-a-potties are all sorts of nasty. Take a breather or take care of business in luxury. 

4. Premium Viewing Areas at Stages
The fight for the front can be a dangerous one. You never who's been holding that spot for hours and is willing to throw a punch. See the sweat shining on your favorite band's faces, hassle-free.

3. Wine and Cocktails, gurrrrll...
If you're going to be going all day and all night (there are Mamby on the Beach afterparties every night until the wee morning hours), you'll need some variety in your turn-up fuel. A cocktail umbrella is a great accessory for any outfit.

2. Express Admission
The antsiest part of every festival adventure is waiting in line to get in. You can hear the bass and stray vocals, you've got excitement butterflies going over the schedule with your squad, but everyone is sweating sunscreen onto each other and you can't tell if the entrance is getting closer or it's just a mirage... Go VIP and skip all that waiting and sweating.

1. Water access!!! 
Mamby on the Beach will be the first Chicago festival to let its guests into the Lake Michigan waters. This has got to be the coolest feature of a festival on the beach, emphasis on the ~cool~, but only VIP guests will be let into the water to swim, dance and take a refreshing break from the hot sun and sand.

Get your VIP passes here: http://mambybeach.com/buy-tickets
Mamby on the Beach Afterparties: http://www.clubtix.com/mambybeach

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