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Warped Tour 2015: Who to See, Who to Skip


Vans Warped Tour is a Summer staple -- with over 50 alternative bands performing in almost 50 cities across the country, this traveling music festival should not be missed. The only issue? The schedule. Every Warped stop has a different schedule that isn't announced until doors open, so pre-planning your day is minimal, but it's important to know which bands you must see and which you can sacrifice. Here are our picks for the bands you can't skip and the ones you could miss in this year's lineup. 


August Burns Red

Probably one of the hardest and most musically impressive bands on Warped Tour, August Burns Red is a show that shouldn't be missed. If you're not down to mosh (DTM?), be sure to hang out near the back of the crowd: ABR shows are known to get rowdy. 


This alternative duo forms an interesting and refreshingly artsy noise rock outfit whose loudness may prove a challenge to even the heaviest hardcore bands on the tour this year. ’68 is a great, proggy blend that is as much an experience as it is a concert.

Simple Plan

It's time to let all that teen angst out. Worth seeing if only to hear "I'm Just a Kid." They're only playing five dates on the tour, but if one of them is your city, definitely catch at least part of this show that'll have you throwing it back to the days when Mom and Dad didn't understand. 

Family Force Five

Back on Warped Tour for the first time since 2011, FF5 has undergone some changes since their last Warped performance -- primarily, they've got a new lead singer. Not to fear though, they haven't lost any of their stage presence and are still playing their classic hits. 

Pierce the Veil

Pierce the Veil seems to show up on Warped Tour every other year or so, but they've been off the past two years. They haven't put out anything super recently, but if you haven't seen them live before, they're definitely worth experiencing. 

Mod Sun

Hippie rap? Yes please! Mod Sun is making feel-good rap that's easy to dance to. He's worked with MachineGun Kelly and G-Eazy, and he's definitely gonna be on the rise over the next few years. Go see him front row before he blows up! 

The Wonder Years

Throw on your backwards cap and cargo shorts, grab a slice of pizza, and get ready to crowdsurf at one of the best pop punk shows you will ever see in your life. You’ll be fantasizing about leaving your town for weeks after this one.

Being As An Ocean

This melodic hardcore band has a unique, emotional sound that will rip your heart out and rip your face off all at the same time. Combining poetic lyrics with a high octane stage presence, Being As An Ocean is not to be missed.

Brian Marquis, Koji, Moose Blood, American Opera, and anyone else in the Acoustic Basement

Don’t be afraid to take a quick break from the mosh pits and the heat to sit down and listen to some seriously, seriously talented acts in the Acoustic Basement this year. You won’t be sorry.


Never Shout Never


Cristofer Drew had his limelight, and we loved every second of it. What is Love? was a great album, but that was the last good album he put out -- five years ago. We loved you, Cristofer, but we think it's about time you shout "never." 

Black Veil Brides

We're cool with Black Veil Brides, but they've been on Warped Tour a lot lately -- you can skip them this year if you've been at Warped the past few years. 



We didn’t come to Warped for lip-synced, mildly misogynistic talk-singing over bland and predictable dance beats, and neither should you. Definitely pass on this one.



Though their stage presence is fantastic, no amount of jumping around can make up for a pretty sloppy performance.

While She Sleeps


While there isn’t really anything wrong with this hardcore band, there isn’t really anything special about them. If you’re already a fan, then by all means, go and have a great time, but if you’re looking for new music, there are better ways to utilize your time.

New Year's Day


Catch them the next time they come around when the vocalist has had a bit more experience with screaming. The instrumentals are tight and the singing is solid, but they likely won’t be turning any heads this year.


Koo Koo Kanga Roo 


Definitely one of the wild cards of this year's Warped Tour, Koo Koo Kanga Roo is known for their crazy family-friendly dance music. They toured with Yo Gabba Gabba Live a while back, and it looks like they're moving up age groups. Arguably the strangest group on this year's tour, the jury is out for this show. Vice Magazine called it "the weirdest f---ing show I've ever been to," so we'll let you make the call on this one. 

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