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Discover: Saint Raymond's "Don't Fail Me Now"

Photo Courtesy of Saint Raymond Facebook

Saint Raymond has given us amazing music since his first EP release back in 2013. Just recently Callum Burrows, better known as the one and only behind Saint Raymond, released new song "Come Back To You," and blew us away with it's fun vibe along with this recent cover of Major Lazer and DJ Snake's popular dance hit "Lean On."  

Nottingham, England native started his career off touring with Alpin and then later in 2013 accompanied the beloved trio HAIM. He's come so far, and finally has his debut album Young Blood set for release on July 5th of this year.

Take a listen to Saint Raymond's newest release "Don't Fail Me Now," and watch out for tour dates in the future. 

We are huge fans of the one man remixer RAC, and he recently made this amazing mix of Saint Raymond's "Young Blood." Featured on various websites and just last week coming in at number 2 on Hype Machine, it's definitely one to be added to your list of current favorite songs. 

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