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Discover: Nightjacket's New Song "It's Alright"

Photo: Devin Pedde. L-R: Holland Belle, Steve Lucarelli, Jordan Wiggins, Diego Guerrero, Louie Schultz

Swaying to the beat and thinking of bygone love, you close your eyes and think of the past. But have no fear, It's Alright. A song that no doubt reminds us of 80's rom-coms, Nightjacket's newest song "It's Alright" transports you into another time of one of Molly Ringwald's stories where she's having issues no doubt. But you know it'll somehow work out in the end. For all the hopeless romantics out there, this is the perfect dreamy love song for your summer playlist.
The story of Nightjacket begins at a backyard party in Los Angeles where Holland Belle, a classically-trained opera singer, and musician Jordan Wiggins met for the first time. While watching Belle perform a number of folk songs solo on an electric guitar, Wiggins found himself impressed and inspired. "Her voice was beautiful, powerful and kind of dark - I told her she reminded me of Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star," he recalls. "It was interesting timing because her style was in line with the sound of material I was already working on; these dark and dreamy pop songs. As I continued to develop new songs I think I had her voice in mind, consciously or not." Wiggins sent some demos to Belle, sparking a collaboration and collection of songs that have come to define the sound and direction of the band. 
Off their upcoming self-released debut EP, the Los Angeles based quintet gives us a dreamy look into what's to come. Their EP Eternal Phase is set to release June 23rd and you can get preorder it here. 

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