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Discover: Amazing New Video for "Earth" by Dream Koala

This French/Brazilian electronic artist, Dream Koala, released their EP Earth. Home. Destroyed last year but just recently collaborated to create an astonishing video for the song "Earth." In partnership with Adrien Peze and Albin Merle, the duo that makes up CGI and visual effect studio "Fabulous 3D," a beautifully designed and powerful visual representation of a crumbling future is presented.  
"As a child I spent days drawing fantastical creatures and impossible landscapes, my imagination was an endless playground where I loved losing myself. When I met Adrien and Albin, we immediately understood each other. With ‘Odyssey’ [their first collaboration] we wanted very contemplative and surrealistic images, whereas for 'Earth' we knew from the screenplay we had to add more dynamism, build a sort of blockbuster. The lyrics are somewhat prophetic and mystical, they are the starting point of the story. When I wrote 'Kingdoms and cathedrals under the ocean', I had very specific images in mind and Fabulous knew how to transpose them to visuals." 
-Dk of Dream Koala

In a journey through a post-apocalyptic world, this futuristic visually stimulating intergalactic masterpiece is accompanied by soaring vocals. “Earth” makes for one of the most ambitious videos of 2015 so far.

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