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Dessy Di Lauro, A Fresh Sound in a Classic Genre

(Photo Courtesy Dessy Di Lauro via Twitter)

Dessy Di Lauro, the co-creator of a brand new genre she's dubbed Neo-Ragtime. The name just about says it all, relying on the basics of the ragtime era sound and incorporating modern beats and vocal styling. I had the pleasure of interviewing this wonderful woman who has been performing from an early age and developing her sound. Dessy brings a refreshing and cool new sound to the classic prohibition era style of music, one of my favorite times in history. Dessy will be touring the UK later this year, and next week she'll be performing in NYC. You can access her website which will be launching soon hereDessy's fresh sound in a brand new genre is something this writer can only call sublime, genuine, refreshing, something spectacular. You can read my interview with her, and listen to her two current singles below:

Q.           Who is Dessy Di Lauro?
A.            Co-creator of a new style a new genre called Neo-ragtime, a mix of 1930 with today’s music.
Q.           You have a very new aged Jazzy sound, to me it’s quite refreshing, very different from old school jazz, what inspired your sound?
A.            I was raised on really old music, of course a lot of jazz, all the greats really played a major part in my life, so I’m growing in the hip hop generation and it just kind of happened naturally we just blended the sound, it just kind of happened.
Q.           When did you first start performing?
A.            I’m from Montreal, I’ve been singing forever, from a very young age. When I was in high school I started doing professional gigs, so about fifteen or twenty years.
Q.           What do you want people to get out of your music?
A.            I want them to get a sense of happiness, joy, and we see a lot when people come to our shows. I want people to feel, get up and feel good music. There’s also some messages about empowerment behind our music, I love for people to be inspired, to push the envelope musically, I encourage difference in music. The Harlem Renaissance is a huge influence in my music and my branding I want to bring back this era for today’s generation. I feel like it’s been lost and we want to reintroduce it our way.
Q.           When can we expect to see you in the Chicagoland area?
A.            We’re looking at this fall, we don’t have a date yet but we’re looking for a booking this fall. They can always follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, I usually post updates every other day. We’re gunna be in New York City on June 24.
Q.           Where can we see you this summer? Any Festivals?
A.            Just finished the Blue Note, no festivals as of yet because we’re in the writing process, I’m getting ready to release an EP in the fall. We’re also booking shows as we go along. We’re gunna be in the UK, we’ll be focusing on the U.S. in January 2016
Q.           What do you want to tell our readers?

A.            I think the most important thing is the Ep coming out in the fall and anyone in the New York area we’ve got a really great show on the 24th.

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