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We love Harem Pants - take a look!

(Photo: reddresscolumbus.wordpress.com)
I bought my first pair of harem pants yesterday and I curse myself for not hopping on this trend a lot earlier. They're slimming, comfy as all hell, and versatile. I bought a simple black pair with a tie waist and gathered hem for only $8.80 (thank you Kohls!). When I tried them on, I was floored, they maintained a sleek polished look while feeling like a airy pajama pant. Finally, I thought, socially acceptable pajama pants. Don't get me wrong, theses soft pants are so much more than lounge wear even if they were a classed up pair of joggers. Still, I'm not complaining.
If you have skepticisms about this trend, let them all fall away. I too was skeptical of their pajama like appearance, but I'm completely obsessed now. If you need a list of reasons to embrace the harem pant, let me indulge you with some of my favorites.
1. Numerous patterns and styles to mix and match.
(Photo: #AEOSTYLE)
American Eagle: AEO Soft Printed Jogger Pant $39.95 http://www.ae.com/web/browse/product_details.jsp?productId=0322_2498_100&catId=cat6710002
2. They're interesting without looking like they try too hard. (Thats basically the dream)
3. Versatility. They will go well with t-shirts, tank tops, flowy camis, flats, heels, sandals, wedges, the list goes on.

4. COMFORTABLE. I know I keep driving this point, but it's like pockets in dresses, you just can't get over it. There's a reason this trend derives from dancer wear.
5. They accentuate all body types. They look good on all shapes and sizes.
Harem Pants Spring Summer 2014 Trend Plus Size Blogger
(Photo: Gorgeautiful.com)
6. Literally everyone can wear these pants, men, women, babies.
(Photo: Dana from culturedblog.com)
There are more than enough resigns to invest in a pair of the coolest hot trend in pants. Now, excuse me while I buy 23 new pairs of theses babies. 

Harem pants, more lovingly referred to as soft pants, are the greatest thing since the wedged heel. The soft pant is to trousers what wedges are to stilettos. A very stylish, more comfortable, summer version of the classic staple.

Old Navy: Woman's Patterned Soft Pants $32.94http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?vid=1&pid=478896002

SUZY Black & White Printed Soft Pant $26.00http://suzyshier.com/0114-46800800-black-white-printed-soft-pant.html

HaremPants.com: Elephant Stamps Women's Slim Cut Harem Pants Black $22.00http://www.harempants.com/collections/slim-cut/products/elephant-stamps-womens-slim-cut-harem-pants-black

Old Navy: Soft Pants for Baby $11.99

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