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Jam Session 5/31/15: Our Current Favorites

At Up|To|Tempo, we are constantly listening to music. Here are some of our current favorites. 

Years and Years
These past couple months, we've become more and more obsessed with the Years and Years. This London based trio brings electronica to a new level; each track they release is a hit begging to be put on repeat. Take a listen to their newest released track "Shine" and our personal favorite, "King." Click here to pre-order their new album Communion, out July 10th.

Fickle Friends
Not entirely new to the game, this UK 80's-esque new-wave pop group has gained recognition across the pond but somehow hasn't blown up over here in the states - yet. They have a summer full of festivals ahead of them across the UK and Europe. Fickle Friends will hopefully travel and schedule a worldwide tour next year. Their new EP was released May 25 and you can snag it here and is also available for your listening pleasures on Spotify. 

Here's one of the first tracks from Fickle Friends we heard that made us fall in love.

Woolf and the Wondershow
Although new to the scene, Woolf and the Wondershow sure doesn't show it. With only two singles out so far and a remix of Tove Lo's recent radio hit "Talking Bodies," they are hitting it out of the park. Listen to their single "Cloaked" and follow them on SoundCloud to stay updated on their newest releases. 

Kid Astray
This Scandinavian pop group is a must for your summer playlist. Catchy beats and sparkling excitement exuding from electro-infused hooks make for perfect tracks to dance around your room to. Their debut LP "Home Before the Dark" is due out June 15th which you can preorder here.

Passion Pit
If you are somehow just hearing about Passion Pit, we recommend to first of all remove yourself from the cave you've been living in and then listen to all of their music. As a start, listen to "Lifted Up (1985)" off their newest album Kindred below. We highly advise also listening to "Sleepyhead," "Moth's Wings," and "Take A Walk;" then prepare yourself to add Passion Pit to your list of favorite bands.

A Silent Film
Oxford's A Silent Film has held a spot on our list for awhile but we've found a new appreciation for them with the release of their newest EP, New Year available on Spotify and iTunes

One of our favorites:

Florence + The Machine
This isn't the first, and most certainly won't be the last, time we post about our dearest Florence Welch. Her voice is one sent from the Gods themselves and we are pumped for her new album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, set to release in just a few days on June 2nd. 

Mumford & Sons
Yet another one of our all-time favorites, we've featured Mumford & Sons multiple times and have had their new album Wilder Mind on repeat since its release date, May 4th. Although the new album has a different sound than their previous tracks, we love the new vibe they've brought to the table. Listen to one of our favorites called "Snake Eyes" and listen to the album in full on Spotify 

Ever since seeing Joywave accompany Bleachers back in April, they've gained a full-time spot on our playlist. They don't qualify as "new music" but that doesn't make them any less amazing. Take a listen below.

Tell us what you think about our new segment in the comments below!

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