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Run the Jewels Release New Song "Bust No Moves" ft SL Jones

Run the Jewels released a new song yesterday for Record Store Day. The song was available on a limited edition 7" vinyl and is entitled "Bust No Moves," featuring Arkansas rapper SL Jones. 

The rap duo Run the Jewels consists of Killer Mike and El-P. They released their second album, Run the Jewels 2, last year to much critical acclaim. They are currently working on material for their third album release. 

The third album does not have an upcoming release date set yet, but Killer Mike has stated that the album will be as politically-charged as the material on their previous release. The content will deal with current political and social issues. The duo is also rumored to be teaming up with Massive Attack for songs on the album. Listen to the new song "Bust No Moves" below, and stay tuned for future news on Run the Jewels!

Warning: Explicit Language/Content

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