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Rain Man Going Solo: Is There a Storm Coming?

Trindl's Homecoming Event
Chicago based Krewella has recently become one of the most talked about names in EDM, following the highly publicized lawsuit involving sister duo Jahan & Yasmine Yousaf and former member Kris Trindl. The sisters made their first appearance sans Kris at Ultra Music Festival this March, and whether you think their CDJs were unplugged or not, you have to admit that they can hold their own without a male presence. Despite what some critics (*ahem* Deadmau5) have to say, they continue to stand strong, and I personally am looking forward to hearing the new sound on their upcoming album. But what's in Kris aka Rain Mans forecast?

Just months after the scandalous split, Kris joined Borgore's record label, Buygore, and with it came the release of his first solo production, "Visionary" featuring Sirah on vocals. The lyrics are dark and Kris is obviously tipping his hat (or giving the finger) to the Yousafs. The sound, however, is nothing new. Trindl definitely took notes from his work with Krewella, and the song wouldn't have felt out of place coming from them. Either he was deliberately trying to rip off their style or he actually did take part in past productions, unlike the testimonies heard in court. This makes me wonder if anyone that isnt savvy will be able to distinguish the two acts. Im keeping my fingers crossed that Krewella will move in a somewhat different direction, and leave the hard trap crossed with drum and bass to Kris. However that doesnt seem to be happening a-la Krewellas use of a live drum set at Ultra.

Kris also recently announced his first tour as Rain Man that began with an appearance at the Buygore pool party during Miami Music Week. Hell then be returning home to appear at The Mid in Chicagos meat packing district on April 10th. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased here, showing that no matter who you once were, you have to start somewhere. His last two appearances are as follows:

4/11 - Webster Hall - New York 
4/18 - Avalon - Los Angeles 

Rain Man continues to put on a good face, and I hope he gets the prominence he wants. Lets just hope he doesnt turn back into the monster that Yasmine and Jahan described him as. Regardless, hes proved that as an artist, he can go hard.

Be sure to check out Rain Man's new single and leave a comment telling us what you think:

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