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New Music: "Irish Margaritas" by Harriet (RAC mix)

Photo Courtesy of Jon Duenas Photography

LA based group, Harriet, recently released their catchy indie-pop tune "Irish Margaritas" at the beginning of last month along with their newest self-titled EP. RAC took it and somehow made it even better. André Allen Anjos, the single member of RAC, snatched it up and added just the right amount of funk to take the already amazing song to the next level. 

By cutting out some tonal bells and exchanged synthesized beats, plus the stripping of guitar bits, the remix artist replaced them with his distinct sound of live instrumentation and branded it with their quintessential smooth bass lines. Instead of just adding in the typical bass drops or series of "wubs," RAC actually reinvents each of the songs they mix. 

As one of my favorite remix artists, RAC has yet to disappoint me, and this track is no different. With each track they release, I fall more and more in love. Take a look at André's newest below and make sure to tell us what you think and if you love it as much as we do!

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