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New Music: Brand New "Mene"

Photo courtesy of instagram.com/brandnewrock

Brand New is back with a brand new single titled "Mene". The Long Island alt-rock quartet had not released any new material since 2009's Daisy.

The song is aggressive and rhythmic, with driving guitars permeated by vocalist Jesse Lacey's powerful background screaming. Lacey's lyrics provide an appropriate amount of nihilism and aggression to blend with the forceful instrumentals.

Check out the track here:

You can download the track for free by signing up for the Brand New mailing list.

A few days ago, the band deleted every post on their Instagram, and started fresh with a new promo picture. 

Additionally, the first of the lyrics booklets for The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me have been received (the actual booklet that came with the album did not contain any lyrics, but had a sentence near the end that read "Please send $1 to [address] for a complete copy of the lyrics").

It is clear that Brand New is setting us up for something big this year. I hope that we can all look forward to a brand new Brand New album soon.

Stay tuned for more updates on new releases!

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