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Live Review: AyOH at Martyrs

Fresh off a stint at SXSW, AyOh returned to Martyrs in Chicago last Friday for a punch packing set to promote their latest EP Dangerous Questions. Martyrs is a decent sized bar/tavern venue with a surprisingly good size stage and large dance floor, although when I first arrived the patrons seemed to be huddled by the bar or sat around tables to the side of the stage. The lighting was dim, a lot of candles for ambiance I suppose. The crowd was typical Chicago hipster; plaid shirt, bearded, and a Pabst in hand. The mood seemed to be to be quiet for a bar which was a little surprising, but luckily that changed once AyOH took the stage.

The band has great stage presence, punctuated by lead singer Avi Dell's sporadic dancing and jumping that is reminiscent of Coldplay's Chris Martin. The other band members got in on the jumping action to their latest single "Shakedown". This song was definetly one of my favorites and got the crowd moving.  AyOH kept the set moving with great guitar riffs, powerful rhythm, and high energy that turned the crowd from a comatose state I witnessed earlier to a dancing, singing gaggle of people out for a good time. The crowd right in front of the stage were totally having the most fun (yes you- brunette girl front row, center stage - we know you were the biggest fan that night).

The band churned out track after track from their latest and previous EPs. AyOH's has that likability that makes you wonder why they're not constantly on the radio yet - check out Dangerous Questions' powerful opening track "Lion to the Lamb" and you'll know what I mean. This band seriously packs a punch that is on par with the likes of Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, or even Manic Street Preachers.

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