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Get The Look: Contouring

There are so many beauty trends that we all try to keep up to date on. The trends are ever changing, so it can be time consuming to find tutorials on how to achieve the trend. Here we have decided to highlight a very popular trend to ensure you look your best. The best part about this post - do it yourself tutorials!


Contouring is a great beauty trick to know. The trick is to use different shades of makeup to help define your face and minimize and highlight certain areas of your face. The first video selected if by Nicole Guerriero (click HERE for her YouTube channel). What I love about this video is that she shows you high end makeup on one side of her face and drug store makeup on the other - talk about including all price points.

Nicole Guerriero/Youtube.com

The second tutorial featured is by drag queen Fendi Laken (click HERE for her YouTube channel). One might ask why feature a drag queen for women's beauty tips? Drag queens transform their male selves into beautiful women all the time, so they have a knack for knowing awesome makeup hacks! The first clip is for face contouring, the second is a tutorial to help achieve a lager breast look (There's one of the tricks I'm talking about! :)

Fendi Laken/Youtube.com

Fendi Laken/Youtube.com

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