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Fleet on Fleek: Tips to Keep Your Nautical Style on Course

Nautical Style

This time of year means one thing: It's time to say "Ahoy mate!" to your nautical wear. Spring and summer are the perfect season for nautical themes whether you incorporated it into your garments, shoes, or accessories.

The basis to a great nautical look can be as simple as color choice: red, white, and blue. You can also throw in other colors, such as black and yellow, to keep your look interesting. Another element is stripes. Stripes are a simple way to give an outfit a nautical feel when you don't want to incorporate common nautical elements such as anchors, ships, and seashells.  If you want to incorporate seaside themes, but don't think you'll get much wear out of nautical clothing, look for accessories like jewelry, scarves, or bags for an added nautical touch.

Nautical themes are perfect for days at the beach or holidays like Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and Flag Day. Many cities like New York, San Francisco, and Fort Lauderdale celebrate Fleet Week- a US Navy/Marine Corps/Coast Guard tradition- where military ships that were recently deployed overseas dock in a major city for one week allowing for crews to visit the cities' attractions and the public to take guided tours of the ships. Fleet Week celebrations also typically include military demonstrations and air shows that are sometime put on by the Blue Angels.

So whatever your reasoning for rocking your nautical look, do it in style. Below are some of my favorite options for this season! (Click on the item description to purchase).


Dresses are a fun and flirty way to rock a nautical style. You can choose a simple striped dress, a sailor dress, or even a solid color dress. If you're not a dress girl try a nautical themed shirt. Pair it with a solid or striped shirt or vise versa.

1. 1950's Style Nautical Dress $136.002. H&M Sailor Dress $29.953. Forever 21 Striped Dress $24.904. Old Navy Shift Dress $30.005. Hot Topic Nautical Dress $39.50

Wide Leg Trousers

Wide leg trousers are great for a nautical look because they mimic the look of sailors' pants. My favorite are one's featuring the buttons in a motif mimicking that of sailors' trousers. If you're not a fan of wide hemlines, try a cropped pant such as a capri, cigarette style, or pedal pusher. Bermudas shorts also can achieve the look.

1. Old Navy Trouser $36.942. Jennifer Lopez Trouser $21.003. H&M Striped Trouser $34.954. ModCloth Sailorette Jeans $69.99

Finishing Touches

1. Nautica Boat Shoe $39.002. Forever 21 Faux Leather Sandal $17.903. JCPenney Striped Espadrille $7.994. H&M Striped Flats5. Sperry Boat Shoe $59.98
1. Kate Spade 'Splash Out' Purse $298.002. Cejon Anchor Infinity Scarf $14.993. Chaps Tote $37.994. H&M 8-pack Nautical Bracelets $12.955. JCPenney Nautical Charm Bracelet $11.99

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