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Five Reason to Watch More Foreign Films

Still from YouTube trailer of A Girl Walks Home Alone at Midnight

There's something awfully intimidating about a foreign film--language barriers scare many viewers away from films that aren't in English. Limiting yourself only to English-speaking films, however, cuts out a huge range of cinema. Challenge yourself to go outside your comfort zone with these five reasons to add more "exotic" films to your list.

1. There are different filming techniques around the world.

      Directors from different parts of the world use many other techniques that aren't present in typical Hollywood films. These techniques can be as simple as lighting and angles, but they can leave the viewer mesmerized. When there isn't a budget for special lighting, some foreign directors will shoot their movie in black & white so the contrast will balance out. Independent American directors are now doing this for its stylistic effect.

2. Foreign movies can be more raw.
     Foreign films are daring when it comes to their content, pushing the envelope past what the FCC would allow. Whether they were created as a form of riot against their government or they're just developing their characters more, these films can touch more emotions. A warning though: some of these films can be graphic for that reason.

3. Not all foreign movies have subtitles!

     Many viewers get scared of the word "foreign" when it comes to film because they don't want to put up with subtitles, but they often forget that British or Australian movies will still be in English. They fall into the foreign category and are great for beginners to the genre. (And besides, who doesn't love a good accent?)

4. Change is good.

     Mix up your movie library! It's good to expand and try something new. You can re-watch Mean Girls some other day.

5. They're easier to access than you think

      If your excuse not to watch foreign films is that you don't think you know where to find them, think again! Foreign films can be found on Netflix and Hulu -- they even have a dedicated section for them! You can also rent them online from iTunes, YouTube and Amazon.

Don't know where to begin? Here are a few recommendations: 

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night




Rust and Bone

Next time you want to re-watch a movie, think about trying something different. Let us know what your favorite foreign films are! 

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