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Discover: Summer Heart's New Tracks

Video still of Summer Heart's "Sleep"

David Alexander, the Swedish solo artist of Summer Heart, recently released two new songs that accompanied the release of his new EP. Both "The Cross" and "Sleep" reflect the lo-fi popster's style and throws us into a dream-like state. 

The band's name greatly helps represent the feeling of their music; it has that summer flow to it. The chillwave sound moves through your brain like a summer breeze and helps bring back images of flying through the warmer months and to look forward to the warmer weather approaching. 

Check out the two tracks below and be sure to hit up SoundCloud to stream their new EP Thinkin of U that was recently released April 6th.

Click here to stream the full 5 tracks of their EP on SoundCloud.

Tour dates:

4/09 - La Nuba, Paris. France
4/17 - Debaser, Stockholm. Sweden
4/30 - Poplands, Uppsala. Sweden
5/16 - The Alternative Great Escape, Brighton. UK
6/22 - Baby's All Right, NYC 
6/23 - Pianos, NYC

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