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Discover: "Alligator Years" by Twinsmith

While listening to this track for the first time, I couldn't help but imagine blasting it with the windows down, driving down the highway to the beach. Twinsmith's "Alligator Years" screams summer and is no doubt a great track to title their new LP out next month on May 5th via Saddle Creek. 

Take a look at the singing alligator hand-puppets in Twinsmith's charming and fun video below and hopefully you're fortunate to catch them in one of the upcoming shows this week!

Sun, Apr 05              San Francisco, CA US                Hotel Utah                
Mon, Apr 06             Los Angeles, CA US                   The Satellite              
Tue, Apr 07              San Diego, CA US                      Soda Bar                    
Wed, Apr 08             Las Vegas, NV US                      Beauty Bar                            
Thu, Apr 09              Salt Lake City, UT US                 Kilby Court                          

Fri, Apr 10                Denver, CO US                           Lion's Lair Lounge

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