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Why You Should Wear Yellow On March 27th

One 5 Year Old is Asking Everyone To Wear Yellow on March 27th - And We All Should

Yellow is a major color trend for the spring/summer season. It just so happens that as I was planning an article on the color yellow I happened to stumble upon a viral video that made me rethink my approach on the topic. I could tell you that one of the major color trends on the runway for Spring/Summer 2015 was yellow. I could do a typical picture post of "get the look" like I usually do for trends. Instead I'm just going to ask you to wear the color yellow for someone that has touched my heart. 

photo: youtube.com

This friday, March 27th, one little boy is asking us to wear yellow for him.  His name is Seth. A video of him that was intended for friends and family has gone viral. In the video, Five year old Seth Lane from Northamptonshire, England suffers has severe combined immune deficiency, commonly called bubble boy disease. He has spent most of his life living in a sterile environment, mostly a hospital room. Before anyone can enter Seth's "bubble," they must scrub themselves and wear plastic gloves or aprons. If anyone has the slightest symptoms of a cold, they are not allowed in the "bubble."

To help improve Seth's condition, he underwent a bone marrow transplant in 2010. Around this time, family and friends wore yellow one day in support of Seth and took photos of themselves to show him how much support he had. Unfortunately, Seth must undergo a second bone marrow transplant - this time his father Nik is the donor -  and like last time there was a request for people to wear yellow and send a photo to Seth.

Seth's mother Leanne writes about Seth and his condition on the blog ourlittlehero.worpress.com. There, his dad wrote about wanting pictures of people wearing yellow to show Seth that he has support from others.

"We have a map of the world in his room and will pin all the countries where people have posted a picture from. Also we will be printing some off and putting them up in his room," Nik stated. "Whenever he is struggling (which is rare to be fair) we can show him your pictures."

Speaking with the Daily Mail, Leanne stated, "We never meant to start any sort of campaign, and only expected friends and family to join in. I can't believe it has taken off like this. It all helps show Seth that people are thinking of him. I told him about the views and he asked 'Is it more than 20?' I said, 'yes it is' and he said 'wowee.'"

Please join me and many others March 27th and #WearYellowForSeth!

To learn more about Seth and his journey visit:

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