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Why I Refuse To Let Hanky Bikinis Go Out of Style

Striped Flounce Bikini Top, $14.90, Forever 21

In 2014, we saw the rise of a new bikini trend that swept the Target swimwear section and, in turn, every pool and beach around: the hanky bikini top. I can't say I quite know who started this trend or what designer I should high-five, but I can personally say that the hanky bikini and its close relative, the flounce bikini top, has saved me. 

Anyone who has ever told you that there's no such thing as being "big-boned" is wrong. Some people are built to be bigger people. Me? I have a big ribcage. I'm hoping some of you know my struggle. The 36+ bra, the eternal concern that wearing a tight-fitting shirt will make me look like I have rolls when it's actually just my ribs. I'm hoping I'm not the only one here. 

Because of this, bikini shopping makes me anxious. (Well, doesn't everyone get anxious bikini shopping?) I feel self-conscious of my ribcage, worrying that it looks like a roll. Bikinis are made for a very specific body type, and mine isn't it. But hanky and flounce bikini tops have changed that. They offer a little bit more coverage for those of us who are a little bit more self-conscious. I think this is the first time that a fashion trend has ever worked in my favor. Low rise jeans, tube tops, and those weird stretchy shirts in tie-dye colors from the earlier 2000's were not nearly as forgiving on me. 

Here's the flounce bikini top I'll be rocking this Summer!
$17.99, Target

So for the love of all body types, this is my plea: let's never let these hanky and flounce tops go out of style. Let's keep buying them. Let's keep making them. Let's keep wearing them. Let's make them as universal and common as bandeau and halter bikini tops. Please do not let them disappear from stores or beaches. Please do not condemn women like me to a life of wearing t-shirts over our bikini tops.  

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