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Upcoming Single and Tour from The Reveurs

Manchester indie rock group The Reveurs has announced their new single, "Take a Bow". The track will be available March 16th. This quick tempo jam showcases the band's use of equally powerful lyrics and guitar riffs. The song hooks you right from the start with its head-banging guitar opening. The four piece band says that their sole purpose is "to write and preform anthemic tunes that will stick in your head." "Take a Bow" succeeds in fulfilling that purpose.

Along with the single, The Reveurs have released the dates and locations for the Take a Bow Tour.

The Reveurs formed in late 2013 and have been making a space for themselves in the indie rock scene. The group consists of Gary Nelson, Iain Brewster, Adam Molyneux, and Ben Devenport. They are ready to take their unique and lyrical jams beyond home and to locations such as Leeds and Liverpool. Check out their tour dates below. 

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