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TV Recap: Angel Haze and Nev Schulman's New Show Truce on MTV

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We've been moved by the stunning lyrics and beats of Angel Haze (if you haven't, where have you been?), but her appearance on MTV's Catfish and her brand new show Truce allowed us to know and respect this artist even more. 

Truce, Nev Schulman's latest project, is about helping solve long-running issues and feuds. In a similar style to Catfish, Nev and Angel receive e-mails from people across the nation dealing with a major argument. In the pilot episode, Nev and Angel helped Briyanza mend the relationship with her mother, a conservative Christian who highly disapproved of her daughter's bisexuality and girlfriend. 

Briyanza's rigid mother finally managed to understand the seriousness of the situation when Angel opened up about not speaking with her family for five years because they did not approve of her pansexuality. "I have no family," Haze confessed in regards to her parents who chose their morals over their own daughter. Speaking to her about her daughter, Briyanza, Haze said, "she's the only one who knows what your heart sounds like from the inside." 

Haze got her own opportunity to repair a broken relationship with an old friend, Rick, who had sold some of her things while she was on tour. 

The episode concluded with a family meal (that Nev helped cook, of course) with Briyanza, her girlfriend, and her mother, the first of hopefully many healed families thanks to Angel and Nev.

Watch the episode promo here, and keep your fingers crossed for more episodes of Truce in the future. 

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