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The Worst of Forever 21 Festival Wear

photo complements of afterdawn.com

I swung into Forever 21 with a few friends to scope out some potential additions to my festival wardrobe. Of course, as it always seems to go with Forever 21, with the frugal finds come some seriously weird pieces. With the help of Molly and Cassie, we're bringing you five F21 festival pieces to pass on this season. 

I love patterned shorts for festival wear, and this colorful aztec print is super cute, but I am definitely not on board with bringing the skort back. I think Molly's face is pretty solid evidence that she's not either. 

If your flower crown just isn't keeping the sun out of your eyes, Forever 21 has you covered. No one was willing to put this tacky disaster on her head. Only acceptable for purchase as a gag gift. 

With the material of leggings and the flared cut of 90's jeans, these patterned pants might look good on the tallest and thinnest of festival goers, but personally, I'm gonna pass. Although they may be suited for a very small portion of shoppers, the store had them in about 10 different prints. 

I can almost guarantee you that no rap fan would be caught dead in this brutally uncreative graphic tee. Show your love for rap music by going to see Kendrick at Bonnaroo and save your $13.80 on this one. 

The big, floppy sun hat may not be your style, but looking like you're wearing a condom on your head just might be! This rounded variation on a bowler hat won't keep the sun out of your eyes, but it will get you a variety of phallic nicknames. 

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