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The Failure of My Home, Indiana's Freedom of Religion Act

(Photo Courtesy of Charlie Nye/Indianapolis Star) 

Indiana, "The Cross Roads of America" , the stereotypical Midwestern state. People are polite and welcoming, full of small towns, miles upon miles of crops, farm after farm, but despite its pretty face, Indiana boats an ugly side of bigotry and fear. On March 24, the General Assembly (the state legislature), passed the Freedom of Religion Act, effectively allowing business to discriminate against LGBT community members based on their religion. The fear mongering, right wing, typical grass roots conservative republicans you'd expect to find in this part of the country, have turned their fear on the people they represent. 

 "It basically says to a group of people you're second rate, you don't matter, and if you walk into my store, I don't have to serve you," said Minority Leader Scott Pelath, D-Michigan City.
The bill's language never explicitly mentions LGBT members but it is clear that this is the group the bill was aimed at. As a current and home resident of Indiana I am absolutely appalled at the news, and plan on contacting my representative and senator expressing my opinion on this legislation, as I recommend any Indiana resident reading this article to do, you can find your representative and senators here, and a list below. 

Earlier today, Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed the bill into law as he stated he would on Monday. Unlike the usual affair a bill signing is, Governor Pence signed the Freedom of Religion into law in the privacy of office without the presence of any press, showing his cowardice and fear of the republican majority and the mismanagement of performing his role as the chief citizen of Indiana. 
I urge you to please call your representative and senator, and tell them to recall Senate Bill 101.

The vote was almost exactly down party lines, with only five Republicans voting no. 

Voting No:

Republicans: Beumer, Clere, Eberhart, Kirchhofer, Saunders.

Democrats: Austin, Bartlett, Bauer, Charlie Brown, DeLaney, Errington, Forestal, GiaQuinta, Goodin, Hale, Kersey, Klinker, Lawson, Macer, Moed, Moseley, Niezgodski, Pelath, Pierce, Pryor, Riecken, Shackleford, Vernon Smith, Stemler, Summers, Wright.

Voting Yes:
Republicans: Arnold, Aylsworth, Bacon, Baird, Behning, Borders, Bosma, Braun, Tim Brown, Burton, Carbaugh, Cherry, Cook, Cox, Culver, Davisson, Dermody, DeVon, Fine, Friend, Frizzell, Frye, Gutwein, Hamm, Harman, Heaton, Judy, Karickhoff, Koch, Lehe, Leonard, Lucas, Mahan, Mayfield, McMillin, McNamara, Miller, Morrison, Morris, Negele, Nisly, Ober, Olthoff, Price, Rhoads, Richardson, Schaibley, Slager, Smaltz, Milo Smith, Soliday, Speedy, Steuerwald, Sullivan, Thompson, Torr, Truitt, Ubelhor, VanNatter, Washburne, Wesco, Zent, Ziemke.

Democrats: None.

Dvorak, Harris, Huston, Lehman, Porter, Wolkins

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