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Tau Cross Releases Trailer for Debut Album

Punk/metal band Tau Cross has released a trailer for their upcoming album debut, set to come out on May 19. The video contains songs that sample stylistic components of other bands like Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, and Killing Joke, as well as from the band members' other projects, Amebix and Voivod.

Listen to the album trailer below:

About Tau Cross:

The band is comprised of vocalist/guitarist, Rob "The Baron" Miller, drummer Michel "Away" Langevin, guitarist Jon Misery, and guitarist Andy Lefton. Tau Cross was formed in 2013, and they have been recording their debut album over several months throughout three different countries.

Tau Cross Tracklisting:

1. Lazarus
2. Fire In The Sky
3. Stonecracker
4. Midsummer
5. Hangmans Hyll
6. We Control The Fear
7. You People
8. Prison
9. Sons of the Soil
10. The Lie
11. Our Day
12. The Devil Knows His Own

To pre-order a physical bundle with limited color vinyl, a CD, or an exclusive T-shirt, click here. You can also purchase digital pre-orders here.

For more information on Tau Cross, visit their website.

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