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Skizzy Mars Exclusive Interview + Upcoming Tour

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Myles Mills, better known as Skizzy Mars, has been gearing up for his tour that starts tonight in Lansing, Michigan. This alt-rapper has teamed up with G-Eazy in the past, but he's taking the stage on his own for this tour with his latest work, The Red Balloon Project. We caught up with Mr. Mars about his sound, his roots, and our mutual love for Kanye West.

How would you describe your sound?

A combination of the artists I grew up on.  Alternative Rap is the most commonly used name to describe it, but we use influences from Europe, chillwave, neo-soul, 90s r&b.  The list goes on. Skizzy Mars just sounds like Skizzy Mars.

You grew up in Manhattan, how did that shape you as a person and an artist?

Well, firstly, it exposed me to a lot and gave me access to a lot of things.  It’s diverse.  There’s a lot of culture.  You walk into a train station and some amazing singer is sounding great and begging for pennies.  We had shows and clubs to go to every weekend.  We grew up fast.  There’s no city like it, so it’s completely shaped me.

Where did the name The Red Balloon Project come from? Any correlation to the short film? 
Completely related.
You've worked with G-Eazy a couple of times on your song "Time" and "Pay For Me." How did that collaboration come about, and what's it like working with him?

“Pay For You” was a song he sent me a few years back.  He’s just the homie.  Like my big brother.  “Time” we made in LA.  Just good vibes in the studio when you’re with fam.

In previous interviews, you've said Yeezy is your favorite rapper. (Me too, man.) How does he inspire you as an artist?

His fearlessness, consistency, and progression over his career.  He’s the best ever in my opinion.

Favorite Kanye album?

“Graduation” changed my life in so many ways.

Favorite non-hip hop album?

“Singles” by “Future Islands” was great for 2014.  I wish more people would listen.  I’d say “Sam’s Town” by the “The Killers”.

9. If you could play any music festival, which one would it be?


10. So what should we expect from you in the next year?

Music. Progression.

For More from Skizzy Mars, check him out on Facebook. Listen to his hit track, "Be Lazy," below. His Chicago show has already sold out for this Saturday, so hurry up and grab tickets for his upcoming tour here. 

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