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Pentatonix Night Two at The Chicago Theatre

Mitch's shot of the audience at the Chicago Theatre their second night (complements of Facebook)

As part of their On My Way Home Tour, Pentatonix stopped in Chicago for two nights to perform sold-out shows. I attended the second night, Monday, March 9th. When Pentatonix was last in Chicago two years ago, they performed at The Riviera, a much smaller, standing room only venue. Performing at The Chicago Theatre was a more appropriate venue for this a cappella group, allowing their audience to be seated for the show (which isn't so much a concert as it is a musical and theatrical spectacular) and allowed the group to make more use of lighting design. They also used projections to supplement their performances, occasionally splitting the screen five ways to allow close-up shots of each singer, excellent for people like me in the balcony seats.  

To say that PTX is better live than in recordings is a gross understatement. There's no comparison. Mitch's impressive high notes filled the theatre, Kevin's incredible beat boxing is infinitely more mind-blowing live, and Avi's low notes may be an excellent supplement to the recorded tracks, but hearing him live, it seems impossible that anyone could create such an impeccable bass line using only his voice. The group performs with an incredible amount of energy and unbelievable endurance that will baffle any vocalist. If you're a PTX fan, or if you liked Pitch Perfect and you want to have your mind blown, do not miss them when they come to your city. If you didn't manage to snag tickets this time around, you can see them open for Kelly Clarkson this Summer. 

Also, be sure to check out Pentatonix's very own Kevin Olusola, the beat boxing cellist, on his all new EP, The Renegade EP, released today! 


1. Problem 
2. Evolution of Beyonce
3. Telephone
4. La La Latch
5. Love You Long Time
6. Rather Be
7. Julie-O (Beat Boxing Cello)
8. Papaoutai
9. Aha! 
10. Fourfive Seconds (Tour Exclusive) 
11. Break Free
12. Uptown Funk 
13. Let's Get It On
14. The Evolution of Music 
15. Standing By
16. On My Way Home

17. That's Christmas to Me
18. Daft Punk 

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