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The fashion industry is a lot like life. There are ups and downs. Success and failure. Most of all, there is a lot of judgement. The way we perceive others is the most common way we judge people. A new fashion label is making a statement with its message t-shirts aimed at dismissing preconceived notions and reminding us that "Only God Can Judge."

Courtesy of OGCJ

OGCJ - short for Only God Can Judge - is a new label, a start up if you will, created by Dean'a Delrose in 2013 and introduced to the public last year. "I came up with this brand after going through this wild roller coaster we call life. Hitting many obstacles and road blocks along the way. My determination to use my entrepreneurial spirit and mind set to help people led me to this wonderful moment."

That entrepreneurial spirit along with a chance meeting with former Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand led Delrose to set forth on a life changing experience. In October 2012, Delrose met LeGrand at a book signing. While not a Rutgers student or fan, she was intrigued and read his book Believe: My Faith and the Tackle That Changed My Life, a memoir about a football accident that left him paralyzed. Inspired, Delrose then reached out to Legrand through Twitter and struck up a friendship through their correspondence. Six months later, she registered OGCJ's trademark and began working on a fashion brand that was not only about making fashion statements, but making a statement using fashion as its vehicle.

The statement is best reiterated on Delrose's favorite piece from the line, a message tee that reads: Judge less. Love more.

OGCJ founder Dean'a Delrose (center) wearing the "Love more. Judge less." tee
surrounded by models wearing the OGCJ logo tee. Courtesy of OGCJ

When asked why this was an important motto, Delrose responded, "We are taught to judge. It's everywhere- in society, media, movies, history. It tears us apart rather than coming together. Same for discrimination. Growing up, I had a heavyset mom. I saw people stare at her, judging. We judge what we see without knowing the story or the facts. The OGCJ T-shirts encourage us to relinquish our need to constantly classify things as good or bad, right or wrong. I created the collection to encourage men and women to shed the burden of judgment and this brand is very different than what is currently is available,”

Along with the "Judge less. Love more." shirts are hats and shirts with my favorite question, "Who the fuck are you to judge?" The line also features shirts that touch on hot topic issues such as bullying and suicide. These topics hit close to home for OGCJ's founder.

"I had someone close to me commit suicide. Did you know it is the second leading cause in death in America? An estimated 40,000 Americans per year. Kids are going through challenges. 

If the messages and style are not enough to make you fall in love with OGCJ, maybe the fact that the label donates one dollar from every sale to a nonprofit charity. Fittingly, the first non-profit participant is Eric LeGrand’s, “Team LeGrand of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.”

Limited Edition Eric LeGrande "bELieve" T-shirt. Courtesy of OGCJ

The label's mission statement elaborates, "OGCJ is proud to be able to help this hero and others like him who are facing similar physical challenges and don’t give in or pay attention to any negative criticism. Eric reminds us to believe in staying true to yourself despite all obstacles. Team LeGrand of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation helps individuals living with spinal cord injury and their families by supporting quality of life initiatives and emerging therapies that will get us to the end zone -- cures for SCI.”

Another great thing about the label is that it is for everyone. The label's website is user friendly and easily shop-able. The models are relatable everyday people, as proven by their bios that are also featured on the site. There are many styles and clothing options available for men and women who are down with the OGCJ lifestyle and attitude. The future looks bright for OGCJ and we at Up To Tempo are excited to be able to highlight such a unique and special brand.

So what does the future hold for OGCJ?

"There are endless possibilities through fashion and accessories," Delrose elaborated during a phone interview. "I've always loved fashion. The future is full of endless possibilities. We are in our 1st year of business. We also do a lot through social media with tweets and Instagram as well."

Visit OGCJ's Website

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