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Nicky Romero Releases Miami 2015 Compilation

photo courtesy of beatport.com
Protocol Recordings has a lot of talent coming to them to get recordings of their songs. Nicky Romero has taken the top talents and compiled them into the ultimate album, Miami 2015. The album was announced in early March, and it is now available for purchase from Beatport or iTunes. The album is perfect to get you in the mood for the upcoming Ultra Music Festival, where Nicky Romero will take the main stage on Sunday. Make sure to check them out March 28th at #Protocol305. The album is packed full of new music from Protocol Recordings, showing that the recording company and Nicky are ready for a gigantic year in music. Nicky has also taken the songs from the new album and mixed them into one killer dance track. The full mix is only available on Spotify when you subscribe to Protocol Recordings' playlists. You can stream the track through Protocol Recordings. You can also stream a taste of one of the tracks from the album below. 

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