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Natalie Walker Releases First Album in Three Years

Having gone three years without the release of new material, Natalie Walker is finally coming out with another album! On March 10, Walker will release Strange Bird on Dorado Records.

Walker is a renowned artist and has received high praise from critics and pop and rock stars for her work that appeals to audiences of several different genres of music. Her music has even played in hit television shows like Grey's Anatomy and Entourage. On her music, Walker says,
"I've always been someone who isn't particularly interested in being popular, cool, or following social norms. I've mostly just cared about making music that I would want to listen to myself... and I'm picky so it's been a difficult task."
Strange Bird is a journey through Walker's musical maturity, infusing beautiful harmonies and strong lyrics. The album explores many different styles, including upbeat songs, down tempo songs, and songs that are just musical masterpieces. On the album, Walker says,
"I have been putting music out for many years and I've learned that my songs have a funny way of finding the people who need them."
Listen to the first track, "Trust," below:

Strange Bird Tracklisting:

1. Trust
2. We Get One
3. Lightning
4. Liar Fool
5. Guns Down
6. Nothing Lasts Forever
7. Strange Bird
8. Skywalker
9. Superstition
10. Other Side
11. Numb
12. Deja Vu

To purchase Strange Bird, go to iTunes.
For more information on Natalie Walker, visit her website, like her on Facebook, follow her on twitter (@nataliewalkeris), tumblr, and instagram (@nataliewalkermusic), and listen to her on SoundCloudYouTube, and Spotify.

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