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LEAKED: Twenty One Pilots "Fairly Local"

photo courtesy of eniguima.deviantart.com

The Columbus, Ohio duo who can only describe their own sound as "schizophrenic pop" were rumored to be releasing something tomorrow (March 17), but a new single titled "Fairly Local" has been leaked. Artwork for their upcoming record has also been leaked, with the title "Blurryface" suggested as a likely candidate.

The single begins with a catchy chorus over a heavy, synthy hip-hop beat - already a definite departure from the typical sound of their 2012 breakthrough album, Vessel. Vocalist Tyler Joseph launches into a smooth flow during the verses before returning to forceful, full-bodied singing in the chorus, backed by the solid rhythm and huge beats of drummer Josh Dun.

Lyrically, the track provides a similar experience to much of the band's earlier work - a journey into the troubled and guilt-ridden mind of Joseph. Joseph sings in the first half of the verse, "I'm evil to the core / what I shouldn't do, I will / they say I'm emotional / what I want to save, I kill." However, as the track progresses, the lyric switches to the more hopeful, "I'm not evil to the core / What I shouldn't do, I will fight ' I know I'm emotional / What I want to save, I will try." Listen to the leaked track here:


The song is certainly less uptempo and erratic, with a more regular structure than what TOP fans may be used to, but I feel that the new single shows a refreshing maturity often neglected in releases as hyped as this one, and perhaps, a slightly different approach to songwriting than on their previous releases. Either way, I hope that you are as excited as I am for this new record to blow my speakers out the moment it drops.

Stay tuned for more updates on the new release from Twenty One Pilots. The band has confirmed a number of festival dates for this summer including Bonnaroo, Sasquatch Music Festival, and Bunbury Music Festival, so be sure to catch them on tour and stay tuned for more updates on the new release!

NOTE: "Fairly Local" is recognized by Shazam. This looks good for the legitimacy of this track. 

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