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Five Artists To See at Electric Forest 2015

(Photo Courtesy of Electric Forest)

Electric Forest, the cream of the crop for domestic EDM festivals, everybody who's anybody performs at the high demand three day festival in Rothbury, Michigan. With tickets selling out almost as fast as they go on sale, Electric Forest guarantees an amazing three days of music. Headliners such as EOTO, Lotus, and Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros bring big expectations and are sure not to disappoint, but with three days of dusk to dawn concerts there are numerous other performers you should be sure to check out! Here are five of my favorites I would not miss!

Coming from Los Angeles, Goldroom brings amazing beats and cool synths to the festival. Whether I need a relaxing afternoon to write, or some music to take a walk to, Goldroom is one of my go to artists. 

Koan Sound 
Koan Sound brings an interesting mix, from incorporating a classical oriental base in Dynasty to the timeless 70's funk in Infinite Funk. The psychedelic mixes of Koan Sound always make for an intriguing listen.   

The 23 year old Norwegian who is Matoma, is somewhat of a music genius. Remixing almost every popular song from every genre, from Tegan and Sara to Eminem. Matoma creates a bubble of music that can encompass every type of listener. 

Peeking Duk
If I'm ever in need of a good pick-me-up, Peeking Duk is a sure fire way to go. The indescribably calming, yet energizing beats of Peeking Duk never fail to give me the confidence and poise to continue through my day. 

Superhuman Happiness 
Indie pop and perhaps a bit angsty, Superhuman Happiness has a permanent place on my "Summer Drives" playlist. "See Me On My Way" is a perfect summer jam song to fit just right in the hot sun of June at Electric Forest this year. 

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